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Senior Phase Learning Pathways


Young people in S4 to S6 choose up to  six subjects to take on to National Qualifications. Most study at National 5 level, however, some will do National 3 or National 4 and a few will sit Highers. The level they sit is dependent on their working grade from S3. Pupils should have achieved a grade A to C in their S3 learning to be able to progress to the National 5 course.


In S5 and S6, young people select up to 6 courses. They should build on their achievements in S4 progressing to courses at higher levels and/or broadening the number of qualifications they have achieved. Most pupils staying on to S5/6 should leave with at least:

  • Literacy and Numeracy at Level 5

  • 5 National 5s

  • 3 to 5 Highers

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