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In Kyle Academy we are all learners.  In our learning community each of us has the determination and resilience to embrace the challenges learning brings, and take responsibility for our own learning and development - today and throughout our lives.


Our curriculum provides active and inspiring learning experiences, both within and beyond the classroom - we learn with partners in the real world.  It inspires confidence, achievement and ambition, develops creative and innovative thinkers, and ensures the highest standards of attainment and personal achievement for our young people.  Our curriculum develops the whole child, including their health, well-being, confidence, character, interests, talents and aspirations.


Our learning environment is stimulating and sustainable.  We learn together in a climate that includes and values everyone and is encouraging, supportive and characterised by mutual respect.

We challenge complacency.


Our young people are fully equipped with the skills they need for life, learning and work.  They realise their personal ambitions and have a competitive edge in the workplace.  They are healthy, happy and responsible - eager and able to make a positive contribution to society and build a better future.

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