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Why does Kyle Academy think that school uniform is important?


In the last few years, Kyle Academy parents, pupils and staff have been working together to ensure the highest standards of school dress, which is after all, an important indicator of the best and most high achieving schools in Scotland.  We have received very strong support from our parents and young people for this work to raise standards, with the Parent Council being very actively involved.


We want to make sure that all of our children and young people are not only proud to be associated with Kyle Academy, but also take a pride in themselves and their appearance by coming appropriately dressed for work in school.  The policy avoids some of the problems that can arise from constant changes in fashion.  It is also a way to highlight that all young people are equal and worthy of respect in our school and community.


A strong school uniform policy also brings significant benefits to the ethos of the school.  In recent years we have seen important improvements in behaviour and attendance at school as well as improvements in the grades young people achieve in SQA examinations.  We believe that there is a direct link between improved school dress and improvements secured in the ethos of our school.


How does the school try to keep the costs of school uniform down?


Items of school dress, including white shirts, jumpers and cardigans and skirts and trousers are widely available in supermarkets and other shops at very competitive prices.  They can be much cheaper than fashion items of clothing.


The Kyle Academy Blazer Loan Service was initiated by the Parent Council a few years ago to help reduce the costs for parents and carers.  As more young people wear blazers, the pool of supply for recycling is improving.  There is no charge for borrowing a blazer.  All we ask is that the blazer is cleaned and returned to us when the size is no longer appropriate or when the child or young person leaves school.  To register your interest in this service please email:


Where can I buy items of school dress?


Trutex at 75 Dalblair Road, Ayr are selling a unisex blazer. Trutex have blazers that could be tried on to ensure that you can order the correct size.  They usually have their order in the shop in May each year, but in the last three years many parents and pupils have been disappointed when they sell out very quickly.  Please contact the shop as early as possible to place an order to be sure of getting a blazer.


Bridget’s at 125, New Road, Ayr sell boys’ and girls’ blazers.  The girls’ blazers are shaped. They also have blazers to try on.  Again they ask that parents contact them as early as possible. They also expect stock in May.


School ties are also available for purchase from the school office.


What is Kyle Academy’s school dress policy?


Items required


  • Black/Grey Trousers or Skirt

  • White Shirt

  • School Tie

  • Black/Grey Cardigan or Jumper


Items not acceptable


  • Leggings

  • Jeans

  • Trainers 

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