Who we are and what we do..


Since RRS began, we have been busy organising and participating in fundraisers to collectively raise money for the charity, UNICEF.  Along with this, we hope to make positive changes to the school ethos and conduct.


Our first assignment was to review the school values as well as our rights and responsibilities within the school.  We had to consult pupils, parents and staff; take on board their opinions and ideas and ultimately produce a set of new and improved values: values that all of us were able to buy into, embody in our daily school life and extend to the wider community. The values that emerged as the most popular were: Respect, Responsibility, Diversity, Achievement and Ambition.  We also collated each year group’s opinions on rights and responsibilities which were narrowed down to five rights with their respective responsibilities that go hand-in-hand with each right. This is an essential part of the process for Kyle gaining Rights Respecting status.


Aside from making a change within our school, we wanted to make a bigger difference to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  The group made a decision to raise money in a way that kept people in the school interested in our initiative as well as being aware of the cause of our efforts.  Our first fundraiser was the buying and distribution of ‘Candy Canes’.  This was done via a group effort at interval and lunchtimes to sell to pupils of all year groups.  Pupils could buy them at our stall and attach a personal message for someone of their choice, and the candy canes and messages were then delivered by RRS group members and our Head Boy/Head Girl during the last period of every day.  We proudly raised £750.


Our most recent and ambitious adventure was organising a balloon race, again to raise much needed funds for UNICEF. Pupils were able to buy a balloon for £1 and we attached their name to it, and on the last Friday of our school term, we released hundreds of balloons into the air with the hope that some name tags would be returned in the coming weeks.  This was an excellent initiative as it brought the whole school together to see their balloon released and hopefully if their balloon was found, then they would win the prize.  A prize of £200 in Silverburn vouchers was very kindly donated to us.  It was a fresh and exciting idea and everyone involved enjoyed their afternoon.


The RRS group will continue into the new school year; we are hoping with the publicity from the fundraisers that more pupils will join up for such a worthy cause.  We plan to raise more money for UNICEF so we can proudly help those who need it most.