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  • To develop the capacities of our young people to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society.


  • To work to secure the highest standards of attainment and personal achievement.


  • To provide active and engaging learning experiences in every classroom, which are appropriate to the needs of each young person, and which support and challenge them to take responsibility for their own learning and develop their thinking skills.


  • To work closely with partners to develop a dynamic and innovative curriculum, from three to eighteen years, which provides smooth progression through the various stages and transitions, raises the standards of achievement of all young people and develops the skills required for life, learning and work in a constantly changing world.


  • To provide personal support and challenge to enable learners to take responsibility for their own learning.


  • To develop a shared culture of ambition, achievement and confidence in our learning community, and to create a stimulating learning environment in which we all feel happy, safe and supported, and have a strong sense of belonging to that community.


  • To develop the leadership skills of pupils, staff, parents and partners to build our capacity and capability to improve.


  • To work closely with our pupils, parents, staff, and other partners, to critically reflect upon the quality of education we provide, thrive on challenge, and work together to constantly improve.


  • To ensure that all young people achieve positive and sustained destinations on leaving school.




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