How do you ensure that there is a smooth transition between primary and secondary school?


Before joining their first year class at Kyle Academy, pupils in our associated primary schools become aware of various aspects of secondary school life through a structured programme of familiarisation and induction.


With the introduction of Curriculum for Excellence, the Kyle Cluster is working to ensure that all children and young people have a progressive learning experience from 3 to 18 years which builds on learning in previous years.  To this effect we have developed a consistent approach to the development of the skills of literacy, numeracy and Mathematics across all schools in the Kyle cluster.  Links are being developed in a range of other subjects including Health and Well Being, French, Social Subjects and Science.


Kyle Academy subject specialists visit the primary schools and work with P7 pupils on a series of topics.  Guidance staff and Pupil Support staff also visit to outline how the secondary school operates and to meet with, and get to know P7 pupils.  The primary pupils visit Kyle Academy for various events and learning experiences during the session, and also have a two-day induction where they will follow their S1 timetable in June, meet new teachers and sample new subjects.