What is a Guidance Teacher?


The school has four Principal Teachers of Guidance who are responsible for monitoring and supporting the progress and wellbeing of your child. They are different from subject Principal Teachers, who are responsible for the progress of your child in one subject.  Guidance teachers are subject specialists who have subject teaching duties during the school day but they also have extra time for their guidance duties.


They will monitor the academic progress of your child including completion of homework, progress in achieving academic targets, effort and motivation etc.  They will alert you to any concerns that may arise.


They also monitor the social and emotional development of your child including their friendships and relationships, their leisure activities and their personal achievements.


 How will the Guidance teacher get to know my child?


When a child arrives in school for the first time, the Guidance teacher will familiarise themselves with your child by reviewing their records from their previous school.  Guidance staff visit primary seven pupils in our associated primary schools prior to transfer, to tell them about the school and answer any questions.  Primary 7 pupils and parents have their first opportunity to meet their own guidance teacher at a special information evening for P7 families in May each year.  They will meet their guidance teacher again during the Induction Days in June which provide an opportunity for your child to attend Kyle Academy for a few days prior to transfer in August, attend classes and meet their new teachers and class mates.  They can also get to know their Guidance teacher and make more friends at a Family Fun Evening held on the evening of the last Induction Day.


Your child’s Guidance teacher will conduct a one to one interview with your child on arrival in school to discuss their progress in settling and their aspirations and interests.  They will also conduct one to one interviews with your child at various stages during their secondary education, particularly where a child or young person asks for or needs their help, where the Guidance teacher has a concern about a child / young person, or when they are making subject choices and career plans.  Guidance staff assist pupils with their option choices at various points in their secondary education such as during the transition from S2 to S3, S4 to S5, S5 to S6.  They also help pupils identify, secure and sustain positive destinations on leaving school.


The Guidance teacher will spend at least two periods per week teaching your child.  They will teach them in their Personal and Social Education class and in their Support for Learners class.  This will also help them to get to know your child well.


The Guidance teacher will monitor the progress of your child in the following ways:


  • They will monitor their academic progress at least twice per term against targets agreed with the teacher and young person.  These targets are based on the prior achievements of the child or young person in earlier years of their education.  They will contact you if they have any concerns.


  • The Guidance teacher will monitor your child’s use of their homework diary to ensure that they are developing good habits in learning at home.


  • The Guidance teacher will monitor your child’s progress in all classes on a weekly basis by checking how many merits and demerits your child has received from subject teachers.  They will contact you if any concerns about your child’s progress arise.


  • They will monitor any indiscipline referrals, school dress and attendance on a regular basis and take any action that is required.


  • They will monitor progress through discussions in classes and through one to one meetings with your child as noted above.


  • They will assist your child to develop targets for their learning and personal achievements and profiling their achievements both in school and in the wider community.  Profiles will be developed in the Support for Learners lesson.  These profiles will be shared with you during the session.


  • They will monitor teachers’ reports on your child twice a year and provide additional comments for you on your child’s progress in school.


How is the Guidance system organised in Kyle Academy?


The school is divided into four houses Belleisle, Craigie, Rozelle and Wallace.  We organise houses according to a vertical system, i.e. there are pupils from every year group in each house.


The Guidance teachers for each of the four houses are as follows:


Belleisle: Mrs D Dorrans 

Wallace: Mrs Fergusson 

Craigie: Mrs K Mahaffy

Rozelle: Mrs S Boal


How can I contact my child’s Guidance Teacher?


You can contact your child’s Guidance teacher by telephoning or e-mailing the school (please see Contact Page). Please remember that your child’s Guidance teacher has teaching duties and so may not be available when you call. You can leave a message for them with office staff and they will call you back.  If the matter is urgent, however, you can ask to speak to your child’s Year Head, The Head Teacher or any member of the Senior Management Team.