SQA Final Examination Results


The results of all SQA examinations are reported by SQA directly to parents / carers and young people in August, prior to the start of the new session.  It is now possible for young people to receive these results by text message, usually the day before paper copies of results are received through the post, but young people must specifically request this text messaging service.  More detailed information regarding all SQA procedures are communicated to parents / carers and learners via written correspondence from SQA and the school and on the SQA website.


IEP’s and CSP’s


Young people who have Additional Support Needs may have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) or a CSP (Coordinated Support Plan).  The young person’s progress in achieving the targets set out in these plans is reviewed on a monthly basis by the professionals involved.  Regular review meetings with parents / carers and the young person themselves to review progress and plan ahead will also take place during the session.


SQA Exam Timetable for 2016


Please click on the link below to be directed the SQA Exam timetable for 2016. Link will open in a new window.