How does the school identify and reward good behaviour and personal achievements?


A new system has been introduced this session to allow teachers to record merits allocated to pupils in individual classes. Merits can be awarded for several reasons:


  • Improvements in behaviour, effort, motivation, class work and homework.

  • Sustained good behaviour in class.

  • Sustained effort and motivation in class or at home.

  • Exceptional effort in homework or class work.

  • Support for other learners

  • Acts of citizenship


A working group of pupils and staff is currently developing this system with the following targets:


  • To agree bundles of merits to be allocated for significant personal achievements

  • To develop rewards for children and young people who achieve a high number of merits.


In previous sessions pupils who behave well, wear school dress and work hard are rewarded by a variety of activities. These include:


  • An annual visit to Alton Towers in the summer term

  • Taking part in the Big Day Out in the summer term, where they can choose to develop a new health promoting leisure activity in a wide range of facilities across the West of Scotland. 


Celebrating Achievement


How does the school celebrate the achievements of children and young people?


In addition to the information provided elsewhere in this section, we celebrate achievements in a number of ways:


  • We currently offer special events for young people who work hard and cooperate with staff and pupils including annual excursions to Alton Towers, through the Big Day Out and other events.

  • Teachers can send praise post cards home to acknowledge significant personal achievements.

  • Young people are presented with Certificates of Achievement provided by the Head Teacher at assemblies for significant personal achievements.

  • The achievements of young people are reported on a regular basis in the Ayrshire Post and the Ayr Advertiser.

  • The achievements of young people are publicised through Family News Bulletins and on the school website.

  • Academic achievements are celebrated at an annual Awards Ceremony in June.

  • The achievements of our young people are celebrated at local and national events. For example young people from the Fair Trade Group and the Eco-School Council provided workshops for secondary school teachers across South Ayrshire at two ‘Curriculum for Excellence Festivals’ in recent years and a team provided a presentation on their work to ensure that Kyle Academy is a Dyslexia Friendly School in September.