Physics in S3


In S3 students are offered the opportunity to build on the key phyiscs principals first introduced through the S1 and S2 Science course. The S3 Phyiscs course is based on 3 Topics:


Topic 1        Dynamics and Force

Topic 2        Electricity

Topic 3        Electromagnetic Waves



The S3 course provides progression to National 4 and National 5 Physics in S4. The course is fundemanetally knowledge based with a key focus on practical acitivies which deomonstrate course concepts. Investgaitve and problem solving skills are developed to ensure that students are prepared for progressing to National 4 and 5.

Science in S1 & S2


Students experience a board science course in S1 and S2 focusing on the themes of Materials, Biological Systems, Forces, Electricity, Waves and Planet Earth.


The S1 and S2 Science course is focused on practical activities which are engaging and designed to provide breadth and depth in learning key scientific concepts. The course is split into 8 Topics across two years allowing students the opportunity to fully experience and appreciate the three science disciplines.


In addition to being knowledge based the S1 and S2 Science course involves planning, designing and performing several practical investigations allowing students to develop their investigative and problem solving skills. Scientific literacy and numeracy are progressively developed throughout the course allowing students to progress to at least two discrete science subjects in S3.