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Welcome to the History and Modern Studies Department


History and Modern Studies play a vital role in today’s society and staff in the department at Kyle Academy aim to ensure that every child has a positive learning experience to enhance their understanding of the world, both past and present. We pride ourselves on offering a range of activities which are stimulating and meet the varied learning styles of our students.


Kyle Academy’s History and Modern Studies department delivers History and Modern Studies to pupils in the BGE, and at the following levels in the senior phase:


  • National 4

  • National 5

  • Higher

  • Advanced Higher


We also offer Higher Politics to pupils in S6.


Future Prospects


Both History and Modern Studies provide pupils with essential skills for further learning or the world of work.  The study of either subject will help to develop the following transferable skills:

• critical reasoning and analytical skills, including the capacity for solving problems and thinking creatively;

• intellectual rigour and independence, including the ability to conduct detailed research

• ability to construct an argument and communicate findings in a clear and persuasive manner, both orally and in writing

• ability to work without direct supervision and manage time and priorities effectively

•ability to discuss ideas in groups, and to negotiate, question and summarise

• capacity to think objectively and approach problems and new situations with an open mind

• appreciation of the different factors that influence the activities of groups and individuals in society.







History/Modern Studies Department Staff

Mrs C Raleigh (PT)

Mrs E Andersson

Miss A Douglas

Mrs K Limardi (Mat Leave)

Mrs K Roarty