Home Economics in S1


S1 pupils work on a rotation in the department spending half the year learning about food and the other half in textiles.  Skills developed therefore include practical cookery and sewing as well as knowledge on nutrition, hygiene and safety.


In food, pupils enjoy a practical cookery lesson each week in which they make various dishes in order to build their skills in using various pieces of equipment and cookery techniques.  At the end of the food course, all pupils in S1 design and make their own soup in class with the overall winning soup across the year being sold in the school canteen for a week.


In textiles pupils develop skills in hand and machine sewing in order to design and make their own wall hanging in class as well as completing a homework project of designing and making a textile item using skills they have gained along with an instruction card to challenge their literacy skills.

Home Economics in S2


Pupils continue to develop and build on previous skills and knowledge gained in S1.  In S2, pupils mainly focus on the food technology element of Home Economics accompanied by a short 8 week course in textiles.  Pupils enhance their prior learning through refreshing current skills and developing new skills along with the development and application of knowledge within current dietary advice, hygiene and food safety and nutrition and lifestyle.


Furthermore, all pupils are given the opportunity to achieve the REHIS elementary Hygiene award.


Pupils also have an exciting opportunity to work in teams to create an original pizza or pasta dish to be sold in Frankie & Benny’s restaurant in Ayr.

Home Economics in S3


In S3 pupils enjoy developing their practical food skills and learn about the importance of current dietary advice, nutrition and feeding the family within a safe, hygienic environment.


In addition, pupils will be introduced to the process of food product development and enjoy the challenge of designing, planning and producing an exciting new Christmas food product.  They will also have the opportunity to choose, cook and evaluate recipes, as well as amending recipes for a specified individual.


Progression from S3 to S4 in Health and Food Technology will depend on the coverage of Third and Fourth level experiences. The Department offers pupils the opportunity to progress to National 4, National 5 and Higher in Health and Food Technology as well as National 5 in Hospitality and National 5 Cake Craft.


Possible career pathways include:

  • Nurse

  • Food product development

  • Childcare

  • Food product testing and evaluation

  • Dietetics

  • Food / beverage manager

  • Sports nutrition & coaching

  • Hotel management

  • Nutrition consultant/educator/lecturer

  • Chef

  • Primary teaching

  • Home Economics teaching