How can I become more involved in the life of the school?


There are several ways in which parents / carers can become actively involved in the life of the school which are listed below.  However, we would welcome any new ideas from parents / carers about how you can support the work of the school.


1. You can join the Parent Council to represent the views of other parents.  (Please contact the Head Teacher.)


2.  You can join the Kyle Parents’ Association to help organise social events for our school community, build relationships between the school and our families and raise funds for the school.  (Please contact Mrs Browne, Depute Head Teacher.)


3.  You can become involved in helping to deliver the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme in school.  (Please contact PC Hynds, our Campus Police Officer, who leads the scheme.)


4.  You can join working and other groups in the school.  For example, we currently have two parents who are members of the Fair Trade Cooperative and who have supported the team to sustain Fair Trade School status.  (Please contact Mrs Rankin, teacher of RMPS.)


5.  You can join the Dyslexia Friendly School initiative if you are a parent of a child or young person who experiences dyslexia.  (Please contact Mrs Quigley, Head of Pupil Support.)


6.  You can help us to deliver careers education and develop the ambitions and aspirations of our young people by speaking to them about your work.  (Please contact the Head Teacher.)


7.  You may have knowledge, skills and expertise that would be of value to the school.  For example, you may have the time to offer general help in the classroom or school or you may have specialist skills that would be of benefit to our young people.  (Please contact the Head Teacher.)


8.  You may have the expertise to help us to develop and improve this website.  (Please contact the Head Teacher.)


9.  You could attend short term focus groups set up on a temporary basis to seek parental views.  (Please see Family News Bulletins and the website.)


10.  You could provide knowledge and expertise in sustainability to help our Eco-School Council.  (Please contact Mrs Harper, Head of Geography.)


11.  You could take part in school trips and field trips to help enhance adult supervision.  (Please contact Mrs Semple PT RMPS.)


If you have other ideas about ways in which you can help then please contact us.