Geography Broad General Education  (S1-S3)


S1- Empty Lands


At Kyle Academy 1st year pupils study all three social subjects (Geography, History and Modern Studies) with one teacher delivering a 3 month block of each subject.   The Geography unit, Empty Lands, explores the geography of the following landscapes;


  • Tundra

  • Tropical Rainforests

  • Deserts


Pupils also learn about life in these areas and issues facing these lands such as climate change and deforestation.


S2- Earth Forces


At Kyle Academy 2nd year pupils study Earth Forces.  This unit explores some of the biggest and most interesting questions in Geography;


  • How is the Earth’s Surface Shaped?

  • How are earthquakes and volcanoes formed?

  • How was our landscape formed?


Pupils will focus on up to date case studies of earthquakes and other natural disasters in order to enhance their understanding of the World’s structure and force.


S3 Geography


After pupils personalise their curriculum in S2, Geographers get the opportunity to study a mixture of Physical, Human and Gobal Geography. This will provide pupils with a wide range of skills and knowledge that will help prepare them for the Senior Phase. Topics include;


  • Coastal landforms and land uses

  • Climate Change

  • Rural changes in the developed and developing world

  • Local area study