English in the BGE S1-3


In S1-S3 pupils will make progress through the Broad General Education.  Learning in the English department will focus on building young people’s capacity to read, write, listen and talk with increasing confidence and sophistication.  The department’s focused approach to skills development will allow all learners to make good progress towards qualifications within the senior phase.  At the centre of learning within the English department is the study of high quality literature and all young people will have the opportunity to experience a range of texts.  These texts will range from prose, drama, poetry and media to blogs and podcasts – all of which will broaden learners’ understanding of language and its use.  Scottish texts will form a mandatory part of the course in order to encourage pride in and raise awareness of our cultural heritage.  This aspect aligns with the demands of the National 5 and Higher qualifications.


S1-S3 pupils will also experience opportunities to be creative and confident through the study of Drama. The English and Drama courses will create opportunities for pupils to work well as individuals and with others. The development of ‘working with others’ skills and individual presentation skills will not only help develop the confidence of all learners but also help to prepare pupils for life outside of school through their engagement in literacy-rich learning.


Assessment is continuous throughout the course to enable teachers to track how pupils are progressing at any stage throughout the session.  Assessment will be both formative and summative and will involve set tasks on critical essays, textual analysis, reading for understanding, analysis and evaluation (close reading), writing in various forms and talking/listening exercises. Evidence of good practice from all elements of the course will be retained in a Folio which will move with the pupils as they progress through S1-S3 to National 4 or National 5.  Pupils’ progress will be recorded in an Individual Pupil Profile which will allow all young people to engage with what they do well and what they must do to continue to make good progress.


As with every stage of the English courses the overall aim is to engage young people with reading and writing and to develop, to the highest degree possible, the personal growth and language competence of each pupil through providing them with an engaging and enriching experience within the department.