What happens if a pupil does not follow the code of conduct?


Young people who fail to follow the code of conduct will be given a warning in the first instance. Thereafter, depending on the seriousness of the problem, the following sanctions may be used:


  • A temporary move of seat in class.

  • A permanent move of seat in class.

  • A demerit. (Guidance staff monitor the number of merits and demerits received by pupils on a weekly basis and take appropriate action)

  • Time out.

  • An indiscipline referral. In this case the teacher will make an electronic referral to the Guidance teacher or to the Year Head if there is a serious concern. Sanctions associated with indiscipline referrals are as follows:

  • Detention at the morning interval, for part of lunchtime or after school.

  • A punishment exercise

  • Temporary exclusion from class to the class of the Principal Teacher

  • Telephone contact with parent / carer to share concern /information

  • A formal meeting with the pupil and their parent / carer

  • Issue of a monitoring timetable where teachers note comments on behaviour and effort. This is signed by the parent / carer each night and checked by the Year Head on a daily or weekly basis to monitor progress.

  • Temporary exclusion from normal timetabled classes to the Pupil Support Department

  • Temporary exclusion from school.