The Broad General Education (S1 TO S3)


First and Second Year Curriculum (S1 & S2)


How are classes organised in the school?


Our curriculum is designed to meet the varying needs of individual children and young people: All learners currently experience progression in learning in all subjects from S1 to the senior school. In other words, learners can move through the various course levels in all subjects at a pace that meets their individual needs.  Where possible, priority is given to organising classes according to the prior attainment and achievements of individual learners. The composition of these classes however is kept under review during the session to meet individual needs. 


In S1 all pupils follow a broad general education in mixed ability groupings, except for Mathematics where account is taken of their progress in the subject.  In S2 classes are also organised according to their prior attainment in English, Modern Languages and Mathematics.


What subjects do young people study in S1 and S2?


The subjects which make up the Broad General Education in session 2012/13 are shown below, followed in brackets by the number of periods given to each subject per week (S1 followed by S2).


English                      (4, 5)           Home Economics       (2, 2)             Social Subjects        (3,3)

Mathematics           (5, 4)           Design & Tech             (2, 2)             Music                          (2,2)

French                       (3, 2)           Art and Design            (2, 2)             PE                                (2,2)

Science                      (3, 3)           ICT                                  (1, 1)             RE                                  (1,1)

Elective                     (0, 1)           Tutor Time                   (1,1)              PSE                               (1,1)


All pupils undertake study of Religious and Moral Education, Personal and Social Education, Support for Learners and Physical Education during their secondary schooling.


In addition to this formal programme of study, pupils have other regular opportunities to develop their social and personal skills.  For example, S1 pupils are invited to take part in a Residential Outward Bound week. Pupils in S1 and S2 also receive leadership training and all S1 and S2 pupils receive education to support the development of emotional intelligence and resilience by taking part in the ‘Bounce Back ‘ programme.


Third Year Curriculum (S3)


Currently under construction.