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Biology studies life in all its forms, from tiny single cells to whole organisms and how they interact with each other and their environment.


Biologists are leaders in the research and understanding of a wide variety of diseases and develop innovative medicines and treatments to help those in need.  They find ways to protect crops and animals ensuring the safety of our food, they assist us to combat the effects of climate change and they help us to fight the effects of environmental pollution.  Their knowledge is essential for our justice system which relies on biologists to collect and analyse evidence from crime scenes. The knowledge biologists have of the human body helps develop and improve physical fitness and wellbeing in the leisure industry.


Biology is a highly desirable and sometimes essential subject for many jobs.


  • Health Service - nursing, medicine, laboratory technician

  • Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology industries-researcher, sales

  • Fitness/Beauty industry-PE teaching, personal trainer, beautician,

  • Food and drinks industry- product development, marketing

  • Environmental Biology- marine biologist, conservationist


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Biology Department Staff

Dr J Frew PT Biology/Science
Mrs K Mahaffy (PT Guidance)
Mr C Davidson 
Mrs G Galloway
Miss N Stevenson