S1 Art and Design


The S1 course is designed to provide breadth and depth in learning across all aspects of the Art & Design curriculum.  Each Unit of work focuses on key Experiences and Outcomes to ensure a seamless progression into S2.


The S1 course is split into 5 Units.  These are:













S1 Art and Design
S2 Art and Design

S2 Art and Design


The S2 course is designed to build upon pupils’ prior learning in S1.  It offers pupils the opportunity to revisit key Experiences and Outcomes and build upon their skills across each element of the subject.  Each Unit of work focuses on developing pupils’ media handling by producing outcomes in both 2 and 3-dimensions.


The S2 course is split into 5 Units.  These are:






S3 Art and Design 


Art and Design at Kyle academy provides opportunities to develop aesthetic understanding, creativity and visual awareness, knowledge and appreciation. It encourages candidates to use a range of media and technology to understand, appreciate and respond to their world.


The S3 Curriculum for Excellence course promotes creative thinking, encourages independent thought, innovation, problem solving and the development of personal opinions. The course allows pupils to progress from their prior attainment, allowing further study at National 4 or 5 levels.

S2 Art and Design
S2 Art and Design
S2 Art and Design

S3 Art and Design Course


The S3 Art and Design course is ideal for pupil’s who want to enhance the skills developed in S1/S2 and those who are considering a possible career in Art or Design. The S3 course will cover 3 main components.

























  1. National 4 - Higher Art and Design

  2. Higher Photography (S6 Option)

  3. Advanced Higher Art and Design(S6 Option)


Links with business partners


The Art and Design department has on-going links with employers who deliver workshops as part of the curriculum.


Career opportunities


  • Photography

  • Jewellery Design

  • Architecture

  • Automotive(car) and Transport Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Fashion and Textiles

  • Product Design

  • Illustration

  • Animator/Animation

  • Production Designer (theatre/ television), Set Designer, Special Effects Design

  • Primary/ Secondary Teacher/ Lecturer

  • Fine Art

  • Secondary/ Primary Teacher